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Alliant Metals Inc. is a metals distributor of varied alloys, grades, and forms and specializing as a stainless steel distributor. We have been servicing our customers nationwide since 1987 and are located in Southern New Hampshire. We are a one-stop metals shop equipped and constantly developing to serve diverse metal applications.

In 1987 we began as a metals distributor of the 300/400 series stainless (such as 316L stainless steel bar stock) but seeing the need in New England for value-added services and more varied raw metals, we added production saw cutting machines for cutting up to 20 inches in diameter and started stocking more grades and forms of stainless steel inventory. Since that time we have 7 production saws; a shear for cutting sheetmetal; metals polishing equipment to produce a surface polish to a #4/180 grit; waterjet cutting plate up to 6” thick on a 6 foot by 12 foot table; plasma cutting up to 6” thick and within the last year Centerless Grinding from 0-6 inches of round bar stock.

Alliant Metals Inc’s objective is to provide quality products and exceptional service for every customer. In addition to the material we quote, we are constantly looking for ways to develop a “prefinished” product. This means that not only do you get exceptional quality material but we strive to make our product the most cost effective purchase for you. If you give us the opportunity to understand your requirements and specs we will work to provide you with an excellent product.

Dynamic Waterjet Video

Alliant Metals is now a FLOW certified shop with waterjet cutting capability of 72-inch by 144-inch and material thickness to 6-inch.

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